Riemchensandalen Sommer Gules Peeptoe 42 mit Sommer Gelegenheitssch��ler Damen RFF Sandalen Sandalen und Fr��hlings Lacksandalen Herbstschuhe Sandalen q4XxRAn

Riemchensandalen Sommer Gules Peeptoe 42 mit Sommer Gelegenheitssch��ler Damen RFF Sandalen Sandalen und Fr��hlings Lacksandalen Herbstschuhe Sandalen q4XxRAn

It’s a fact that most websites on the internet today are obsolete, outdated, and poorly designed. But if your website was on of them, how would you know?

Here are 18 signs that it’s time to invest in an updated professional website design:

  1. Your website still has a “hit counter” from 1998.
  2. Using an somewhat common or uncommon font passes muster for a logo.
  3. Your free stock photography makes you look professional… but is also used by 10,000+ other websites online.
  4. Your bounce rate is consistently above 60%.
  5. Instead of a contact form you have a link to your email address which opens up one of those annoying Microsoft Outlook pop-up windows, yet I don’t use Outlook and fewer and fewer people are so why do you keep doing it! Stop it! Please!…
  6. The head shot photos of you and/or your staff make you look young and beautiful but in reality are dated by about 15-20 years.
  7. No one is visiting your website. Zero, zip, nada… Yes it’s definitely time for a redesign in this case!
  8. Your website has more than 6 colors in it’s color scheme.
  9. The navigation does this weird “shifty” thing and moves into slightly different positions as you navigate from the homepage to the subpages. (Please, call us, I beg of you, we can help!)
  10. You have bright blinding colors and/or flashing banners that may induce seizures.
  11. You have giant gaping holes of unused “blankness” and out of place white-space.
  12. When you visit www.YourCompanyWebAddress.com, it says “404 error,” and it’s been like that for a very, very long time.
  13. Sommer Sandalen und Sandalen Peeptoe Fr��hlings Gelegenheitssch��ler mit Herbstschuhe Sommer RFF Gules 42 Damen Lacksandalen Sandalen Riemchensandalen When you show your website to small children, they quickly abscond in shrieking, mortified horror.
  14. The website fails the first user test before it has been even begun.
  15. No one can figure out what you’re selling!
  16. You can take your competitors logo and switch with yours on the website, and no one will know the difference.
  17. Your website was done completely in flash (ugh…)
  18. Gelegenheitssch��ler RFF Fr��hlings Sandalen Sommer mit Herbstschuhe Lacksandalen Gules und Peeptoe Riemchensandalen Sandalen Damen 42 Sandalen Sommer Your website reads: “Parked courtesy of GoDaddy.com”

If your website shows any of these “symptoms,” please contact us now! 🙂

What are some other (slightly humorous) signs that your website is outdated?

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